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Hourglass Privacy Policy

The Hourglass app is a mobile companion application for the Hourglass Redmine plugin.

What data is stored by Hourglass?

We respect the privacy of our users. Hourglass thus only stores the minimum required data to communicate with Redmine and the Hourglass Redmine plugin. For each service, we locally save on the device the redmine url and the user's API-key. We will never ask you for your password! Furthermore state data is cached locally on the device to speed up the startup time and handle network outages gracefully. This cache is stored for each redmine service and contains the user's permissions as well as the tracker data (start time, project, issue, activity, comment)

What data is transmitted over the network?

The Hourglass app uses the pulblic APIs of Redmine and the Hourglass Redmine plugin. We query all the data that is necessary for the time tracker. This includes time entries and time bookings, usernames, activies, project names, comments and start and stop times. To authenticate actions the API-Key is transmitted for most of the actions as well. Please keep in mind that data transmitted over the internet might be in danger due to security holes. The Hourglass app sends data to the specified Redmine server. We cannot make any guaranties as to how the server treats your data. We encourage you to only use a Redmine instaces, that support the HTTPS protocoll, otherwise any data transfer will be unencrypted.

Why does Hourglass need access to my camera?

We use the camera's video stream to scan QR-codes generated by the Hourglass Redmine plugin. The scanning is only done when you activate it while editing a Redmine service. These QR-codes contain all data necessary to create or update a Redmine service. Encoded are only the Redmine URL, the application name of the Redmine server, your API-key as well as your username. The username is currently not used by the Hourglass app. The content of the QR-code has the following format:


An example:


If you want to take a look at the content of the QR-code for yourself, feel free to scan it with a QR-code scanner. The video stream will only be processed in the memory of the device and is never stored on the device nor does it leave the device. The image processing is done via the QZXing Library. We do not process the image for any other purposes. Feel free to block access to the camera, if you do not intend to use this feature.